Byron’s Invocation

Hypatia Wisdomkeeper. Daughter. Teacher. Dreamer. Martyr. A lamp down the long years, her steady light–not clam shells or madmen– be with us. You are our hope of strength and our longing for clear vision. Byron Ballard, CHS Board of Directors, founder Mother Grove, Asheville, NC

Judy Chicago’s Hypatia

I fell in love with Hypatia in 1980 when I walked into a museum in Brooklyn and saw Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. I stopped dead at the entrance to the huge room where the triangular dinner table was on display and began to cry. It had been a terrible year …

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For Hypatia

Our path is guided by a light From a window, shining on high- She holds a lamp against the night. We enter her study where they lie- The scrolls. In wonder, the Moon looks in From a window, shining on high. We choose one at random, and begin To read. …

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